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The Rasur Foundation is our sponsoring legal organization in Costa Rica. This web site is not yet operational, however it will soon be active at rasurfoundation.org.

The Center for Nonviolent Communication has developed many of the nonviolent communication techniques that we use at the Peace Army. Their web site can be found at: www.cnvc.org/

HeartMath is the developer of the "Freeze Framer" software and related technology that we use at the Peace Army for learning the technique of "feeling peace". Their web site can be found at: www.heartmath.com/

The Arias Foundation (www.arias.or.cr) Is a private, non-profit organization registered in Costa Rica, whose focus is on peace and human development. Their main area of interest is Central America, and they support many projects there; ranging from promoting women's
property rights in Guatemala, to their support of peace education through the Peace Army of Costa Rica.

Garuda Sofia S.A. (http://www.nrg4pax.com/) We are a company based in San Jose, Costa Rica, dedicated to the promotion of better livelihoods and peaceful coexistence worldwide, through the application of Clean Technologies and Conflict Management & Facilitation tools.

The Chopra Center (www.chopra.com/) Deepak Chopra is a doctor and well known writer. He shares the aims of the Peace Army and has expressed an interest in exploring our common interests.

Spirit of the Earth, 'The Living Centre' (TLC) & 'Living Arts Institute' (LAI) (www.thelivingcentre.com) Founded in 1983, on a beautiful 50 acre country property located near London, Ontario, Canada. It is run by Walter 'Shantree' Kacera, D.N., Ph.D. and Lorenna Bousquet-Kacera, who delight in blending their 30 years (each) of experience to offer programs that support individuals in the practice of conscious living. They offer a variety of retreats, certification courses and training intensive programs for personal development and training individuals as practitioners and educators in the Sevenfold Path to Peace. These are offered in Canada and Costa Rica. www.thelivingcentre.com

The Costa Rica Educational Foundation is qualified as a charitable organization to support The Rasur Foundation and the Peace Army of Costa Rica. CREF will be soliciting charitable donations for scholarships to teach the teachers and develop trainers for the Peace Army program.

The Costa Rica Forest Foundation has been established to protect, regenerate and maintain the Rain Forest. To accomplish this mission we will provide incentives for preserving existing rain forests, support planting and replanting projects, and embark on educational projects that effectively convey the vital role rain forests play in maintaining our planet.


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