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The Peace Army:
Celebration of Our First Anniversary

Our Achievements to Date

October 2003 – December 2004

Dec 1-4 Rita Marie attended the "Alliance for a New Humanity" conference as a representative of the Peace Army. This trip was sponsored by the Arias Foundation and there is some likelihood of further support coming from the various members of the Alliance.
Nov. 12 A Strategic Planning meeting is being held with 20 participants.
Nov.10 The first monthly practice session of the Peace Army volunteers took place at Quizur.
Nov. 7 Gayle Hill offered to buy the Peace Army our own camera to have footage for fundraising.
Nov. 6 Ninth teacher training, designed by Christine Essex on NVC and taught by her and other volunteers
Nov. 4 Peace Army presentation by Rita Marie and Juan Enrique and NVC skit by Daisy Fallas and students to over 800 community members. The giraffe and jackal costumes were donated by Gillian Mickelson. This was filmed, again gifted by John Williams.
Oct. 30-31 Sura Hart presented an Advanced NVC Workshop with 28 participants including 8 Peace Army volunteers, 9 teachers from Pan American, 4 from Blue Valley and 1 from Country Day School.
Oct. 27 Eighth teacher training from 7:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. with Sura Hart, Christine Essex and other volunteers and 18 pilot school teachers. This was an extra training gifted to us by the school director.
Oct. 25-28 Intensive NVC practice for Peace Army volunteers from 6:30 – 9:00 p.m. with an average of 10 volunteers attending each time
Oct.23-24 Sura Hart trained 40 participants in an Introductory NVC Workshop with 6 Peace Army volunteers, 8 teachers from Pan American School, 8 from Blue Valley School and 1 from the British School.
Oct. 11-15 Intensive NVC practice for Peace Army volunteers from 6:30 – 9:00 p.m. with an average of 10 volunteers attending each time
Oct. 2 Seventh teacher training, designed by Christine Essex on NVC with Sura Hart coaching and other volunteers teaching. This training was professionally filmed, which was gifted by John Williams.
October Tony Vaughn donated $14,925 to the Rasur Foundation
Sept. 23 Power point presentation on the Peace Army developed and given to Barbara Muller to be hand delivered to PBS producer in the US for a series on peace, beginning September 2005
Sept. 4 Sixth teacher training, designed by Christine Essex on NVC and taught by her and other volunteers
August Shanti Vidya, Lic.in social and economic planning, Faculty Advisor of Long Island University Friends World Program at the Latin American Center, agreed to do the evaluation of the pilot program’s first year.
7-Aug Fifth teacher training, designed by Christine Essex on NVC and taught by her with support from other volunteers
9-Jul Tico Times article on Peace Army
30-Jun End of Wed. practice sessions
5-Jun Fourth teacher training: Freeze Framer® and Nonviolent Communicationsm premises presented by Rita Marie
3-Jun Michelle Kiso arrived to volunteer for one year.
15-May Third teacher training: Nonviolent Communication with Sura Hart at the school with 14 pilot school teachers
14-May School Assembly to present Freeze Framer and NVC to over 600 students with Rita Marie and Sura Hart
9-May Sura Hart trained 27 participants in a 4 hour NVC Introductory Workshop which included 7 Peace Army volunteers and 11 pilot school teachers.
May 6,7,8 Sura Hart trained 41 participants in an Introductory NVC Workshop including 20 Peace Army volunteers and 10 teachers from Pan American School. The Pan American Educational Foundation provided $1000 in scholarships for this workshop which motivated individuals to attend.
May Alexandra Kissling donated $3000 to the Peace Army
April Article by Don Snedeker on the Peace Army in Business Costa Rica (Oscar Arias pictured on front cover)
24-Apr Second teacher training: Freeze Framer
24-Mar Beginning of Wednesday practice sessions at the school
13-Mar First teacher training: Orientation to the project and Freeze Framer, installation of Freeze Framer in school computers
March Students, teachers and volunteers were surveyed using surveys developed for a nonviolent communication pilot school project in the US.
March Donation of $2500 from the Women and Children First Foundation, directed by Barbara Jones
Feb. 6 Meeting at the school to recruit teachers for the pilot resulting
Dec. 18 Second meeting at the school to propose a Peace Army pilot
Nov. 26 First meeting at the Escuela Elías Jiménez Castro
Oct. 3 Overnight Retreat at Kissling farm with Rita Marie and 14 volunteers

Summary of achievements:
§ We have a total of 28 Peace Army volunteers.
§ We have provided 14 workshops and 24 hours of intensive practice
§ We have trained 19 public school teachers and 30 private school teachers and participated in 2 school assemblies.
§ We have a total of $13,846.97 in the Rasur Foundation

There will be two more trainings at the pilot school before the end of the year. Shanti Vidya will conduct an evaluation of the pilot project based on post-surveys, personal interviews and evaluation of the participant’s homework.

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