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The Rasur Foundation

The mission of the Rasur Foundation is to advocate internationally for wisdom-based education for children and youth with the aim of establishing a culture of peace.

The Foundation is named for a prophetic poem, Rasur or Week of Splendor, written in 1946 by Costa Rican Roberto Brenes Mesen, legendary writer, educator and diplomat in 1946. It tells the story of a master teacher, Rasur, who mysteriously appears one day and silently woos the children of the village, Quizur, deep into a mountain. There he awakens the wisdom of the children so that they realize the great knowledge that lies within them and they experience more fully the love that binds all of creation together. They share this newfound awareness with their parents and, in this way, Quizur becomes a tiny culture of creativity and peace.

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Since its inception, the Foundation and its founding director, Rita Marie Johnson:

Implemented a program in 1996 for the “whole brain” development of babies called Balanced Beginnings for Babies.

 Developed and implemented the US/Costa Rica Teen Honor Exchange Program which included a module at the University for Peace and an eco-tour in 1997 and 1998.

Sponsored an International World Core Curriculum Conference in 1997.

Founded the School of Rasur, a primary school model of wisdom-based education, in 1997 and sponsored parent and teacher training workshops presented by international educators.

Wrote and published the book, The Return of Rasur: The story that offers an answer to education in our time in 2000. The book has also been translated into Spanish and will be available on March 21, 2002.

Presented a workshop for the Academic Advisers of the Costa Rican Ministry of Culture to introduce “pro-paz” schools to Costa Rica in 2001.

Sponsored and supervised the musical production of RASUR, decreed by the President of Costa Rica as a cultural event of national interest, presented in March 2002. Also wrote the libretto for RASUR.

Sponsored Educating in the 21 st Century: An International Certification in Social and Emotional Learning and Inner Life Skills for Educational Leaders of Countries, a meeting of international and Costa Rican peace educators on Friday, March 22, 2002 at the Real -Intercontinental Hotel.

Are currently implementing The Peace Army of Costa Rica, endorsed by Oscar Arias, Costa Rican Nobel Peace Prize winner. This “army” of trained peacebuilders will implement a proven social and emotional skills-based program in Costa Rican schools.

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