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The Rasur Musical

RASUR , a multi-artistic musical production, offers a timeless work that has wide audience appeal… a classic for the children of the world.

Conceived by well known New York composer, Carman Moore, and inspired by legendary Costa Rican writer, Roberto Brenes Mesén, the play engenders respect for the environment and demonstrates the attainment of peace through educating the heart. In brief, RASUR tells the story of two warring pre-Columbian tribal villages and how they discover peace. The children from both villages, inspired by Rasur and his cohorts in nature, lead the warriors to embrace the culture of peace for which Costa Rica is now world-famous.

The President of Costa Rica and the Minister of Culture, Youth, and Sports declared RASUR as a cultural event of national interest in La Gaceta in June 2001.

RASUR, the largest original musical ever produced in Costa Rica, had its premiere at the Melico Salazar Theatre on March 21, 2002 and was followed by three more performances (March 22, 23, and 24). The work was produced by the Rasur Foundation, Seraflim and the Costa Rican Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and sponsored by the University for Peace, Banco San José and other friends of the project.

If you are interested in sponsoring future productions of this unique messenger of peace, please contact

Rita Marie Johnson:
e-mail ritamarie@rasurfoundation.org
phone: Country Code506, Tel: 282-6576

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