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Rasur: The Week of Splendor

A young god, Rasur, visited the EscazĂș Mountains of Costa Rica during the summer solstice and wooed all the village children into the mountain. There Rasur, full of light and wisdom, began to teach them about the divinity that is hidden in the heart of every human being. He also taught them that, before directing the lightning in the sky, they must first harness the storms in their own hearts.

When the adults went searching for their little ones, they could hear them laughing inside the mountain, but a magnetic shield would not allow grown-ups to enter. However, in the evening the children returned, radiant and full of love for life. Soon the parents too became enlightened and inspired with creative energy, expressing the beauty of their souls in their work.

Every day for a week, deep in the mountain, Rasur taught the children of the cosmology of the universe, of their connection to nature, and of a civilization of peace and goodness that they would create. Rasur predicted the spiritual destiny of the American continent, and within it, Costa Rica as the cradle for a culture of the heart. When Rasur departed, he reminded the children that he is not the answer; rather the answers flow from the wisdom of their own hearts. The children always remembered this truth and the entire village remained awakened, each one fully alive.

Summary of poem written in 1946 by Costa Rican mystic and educator, Roberto Brenes Mesen.

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