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The Methods Used by the Peace Army

The Peace Army uses two very different, but complementary, tools:

Freeze Framer® is a scientifically validated interactive learning system that improves learning, performance and behavior. This educational technology objectively monitors the heart's rhythms and confirms when students are in a coherent mode. In this way students learn to stabilize their emotions and nervous systems at will. (...from the Freeze-Framer brochure)

Freeze-Framer was developed by the Institute of HeartMath® and is available at their website www.heartmath.org


Nonviolent Communicationsm is a way of communicating that leads us to give from the heart. We perceive relationships in a new light when we use NVC to hear our own deeper needs and those of others. Click here for an in depth guide to NVC

Please Note: Nonviolent communicationsm was originated by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, founder of the Center for Nonviolent Communication. The Peace Army is not affiliated with CNVC other than as practitioners of the ideas and techniques that Dr. Rosenberg has developed. Additional information about Nonviolent Communication can be found at http://www.cnvc.org.

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