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The principal funding for the Peace Army comes in the form of the countless hours of work put in by our volunteers. However there are many different ways to support the aims of the Peace Army, and all are needed. If you are in harmony with the vision of a world at peace please take a moment to look over the descriptions given below for several different kinds of "Peace Investors".

If you recognize yourself in one or more of these descriptions then become a Peace Investor by taking immediate steps to put your support into motion.

Interested Observers: These Peace Investors show their support for the aims of the Peace Army simply by keeping informed of our ongoing activities and by sending us their emotional and mental good will. To stay better informed of our progress please send an email to info@rasurfoundation.org requesting that a copy of our electronic newsletter be sent to you on a regular basis.

Connectors: These Peace Investors are among the most important supporters we have. They are like honey bees that help to "pollinate" the underlying activities of the Peace Army while going through the daily routines of their lives. By keeping the activities of the Peace Army in the back of their minds they recognize when a useful connection can be made. They refer people to our web site, they send us ideas and suggestions, they make introductions to potential donors, and they tell other people about us. You can become a connector right now by either sending us an idea, referring us to a potential donor, or by letting someone else know about our efforts here in Costa Rica. Please send you suggestions to michelle@rasurfoundation.org.

Contributors: These Peace Investors understand that peace in the world will not come for free. They provide the necessary funds to keep The Peace Army of Costa Rica financially sound and able to carry out it's mission. If you would like to make a contribution at this time please send your check made out to The Rasur Foundation to one of the following addresses:

International Mailing Address:
The Rasur Foundation
PO Box 025216
Miami, FL 33102-5216
Mailing Address in Costa Rica:
The Rasur Foundation
Apartado 1362-1250
EscazĂș, Costa Rica

Or click the "Donate" button below to make a secure on line contribution. We use PayPal to accept online donations through an existing PayPal account or by using a Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card or American Express credit card. Thanks very much for your support.

Volunteers: These Peace Investors give of their time, their professional services, logistical support, support for presentations and other types of non-monetary support. If you have a suggestions for how you might like to participate, please contact Michelle Kiso by email at michelle@rasurfoundation.org.

Donors: These Peace Investors usually support specific projects or make larger grants, bequests, or other contributions to The Peace Army. If you are in a position to make such a donation please contact Rita Marie Johnson, the Executive Director of the Rasur Foundation at the addresses given above or by emailing her at ritamarie@rasurfoundation.org.

Strategic Partners: These Peace Investors are usually active along a parallel path toward peace and recognize where certain synergies can benefit both organizations. If you are connected to such an organization or can suggest such an alliance please contact Rita Marie Johnson at the addresses given above or by emailing her at ritamarie@rasurfoundation.org.

Mentors: These Peace Investors are generally well known figures who have special abilities, positions of influence or other characteristics that enable them to support the aims of the Peace Army in unique ways. Two individuals who are endorsing the aims of the Peace Army are Deepak Chopra and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Dr. Oscar Arias. Please contact our Executive Director, Rita Marie Johnson if you are able to provide mentoring to the Peace Army.

Please Note: The Rasur Foundation is currently in the process of applying for tax deductible status as a 501 c3 educational charity with the Internal Revenue Service of The United States government. Upon receiving that designation, contributions from US taxpayers will be tax deductible on their US tax returns.

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